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We have been working in the production of ingredients for gelato and pastry since 1922, always defending the tradition of Italian gelato.

For us Tradition is the real Innovation.
We are a dynamic company continuously developing. Our strength is to be able to realize the ideas of our customers offering them the possibility to use exclusive product developed by experienced professionals.

The beginnings of our story are in 1922.
Located in Turin, Fructital was born as small provider of natural essences for the confectionery industry. In the year 2000 the Company was purchased by the Collino family who decided to focus completely on the gelato and pastry sector. The family wanted to maximize the concept of passion and craftsmanship associated with the quality standards that only a flexible and well-organized company is able to guarantee.

Artisan like you
From the ovens for the roasting of nuts to the refining machines for creams, from the syrup cookers to the mixing powder plants, the machines are all designed for the product and not vice versa. Our aim is to defend and maximize the craftsmanship of the finished product.

100% internal production
The entire range of items available in the catalog is from our production. All our dried fruit, for example, is roasted in exclusive rotary drum roasters, which exploit the indirect method of heat propagation, and then processed with an exclusive cold refining process, able to give it a very fine texture and to enhance all the fruits flavour peculiarities.
We rely on high-quality ingredients and carefully selected raw materials from partners suppliers to offer our customers only the best.

Just-in-time service
We optimized our orders and warehousing management system so we can now work with a just-in-time service producing always small batches in order to guarantee top freshness.

Fructital loves the environment
Our electricity supply, whose origin is verified by the specific certification, is produced by plants powered by renewable sources located on the Italian territory and certified by “Guarantees of origin”.

With Fructital is always a team work!
Furthermore with Fructital is always a team work. Our in-house staff regularly follows training courses held by our own managers. Our sales team constantly confront with experienced chefs to keep the pace with market trends.

All about partnership!
Fructital grows up always alongside the customer. Technical advice, training days, one to one courses,corporate events, and much more. Today Fructital can count on many partners around the world, in more than 30 countries, alongside which he takes part in the main sector events.