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Fruit sorbet bases

These bases, especially balanced for creamy and structured fruit sorbets, without hydrogenated
fats and milk derivatives, are designed to exalt the flavour of fresh fruit.

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Base Fructifruit 50

Recommended in sorbets with high percentage of fruit. This base is innovative, with xanthan gum, without dairy products, without flavours and without fats.

Base Frutta 50

Base with vegetable refined fats, it does not contain dairy products.

Magister Frutta


Created in cooperation with Maestri Gelatieri

Nunctional core mix with high technical level. Thanks to the features of the selected ingredients it can give creaminess, great structure and intense taste to the sorbet.

Fruttissima 100

Prepared with xanthan gum and enriched with fibers, recommended for sorbets with high percentage of fruit.

Base Frutta 100

Recommended for use with fruit paste, very creamy and structuring, it can be also used with hot process.

Fructilemon 100

Base for making lemon sorbets with an intense flavor typical of freshly squeezed citrus.
Rich in dehydrated lemon juice and natural lemon flavor.
To prepare it, it is necessary to add only water and sugar.

Base Frutta Completa

Complete balanced base. You only need to add water and fruit.

Base Bollicine

The new base for the production of alcoholic ice cream, it confers creaminess and mantains structure.