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Milk gelato bases

High quality powder bases, designed to obtain an excellent artisanal gelato with a smooth and velvety texture. Fructital offers a wide choice of mixtures to be used in different dosages to satisfy the requirements of all artisan gelato makers.

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Base Latte 50

Base with a milk flavour not too pronounced, it allows cream flavours to stand out. It mantains the ice cream soft and easy to serve.

Base Aurora 50

Base with a quite strong milk flavour, with animal fats. The structure is at the same time soft and solid, typical features of traditional ice cream.

Magister Creme


Created in cooperation with Maestri Gelatieri

Functional core mix with high technical level, created by using selected types of protein for a creamy gelato, “warm” in the mouth and with a very fine texture. Neutral falvour.


Base Romana 100

Neutral full-bodied base, it allows you to obtain a creamy ice cream, hot at taste and stable during time.

Base Panna 100

One of the first “Bases 100” produced by Fructital. It makes a soft-structured ice cream, very creamy, with a quite low level of fats. It works very well in the vertical batch freezer.

Base Panna Regina 100

With the functional core of Panna 100, but with a higher level of fats. Cream flavour is quite strong and the structure of the ice cream is rich and creamy.

Base Olimpia 100

It contains special refined vegetable fats which allow to produce a very creamy low fat ice cream. Exquisite taste of milk.

Base Aurora 100

It only contains animal fats, it gives the ice cream an excellent structure and duration in time. It can be also used with cold process. Exquisite taste of cream.

Base Kailas 100

A modern base, with a neutral flavour, with innovative ingredients. It resists well to jumps in temperature, and it is suitable for the production of high ice cream.

Base Supernova 100


Innovative stabilizer for milk base with hot process, with a delicate milk taste.

Exceptionally stable in the showcase, it gives the gelato an excellent percentage of overrun with an extremely fine and silky texture.

Base Fiocco 180

Slightly vanilla-flavoured, this base allows you to obtain an excellent balance of ingredients only by adding sugar, milk and cream.

Base Supermilk

This base allows you to obtain an excellent balance of ingredients only by adding sugar, milk and cream. It only contains animal fats. Milk flavour.