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Classic Pastes

To produce these pastes Fructital uses selected high quality raw materials such as “Tonda Gentile Trilobata” hazelnuts, pistachio nuts and almonds from Sicily, the best cocoa powders and the finest coffee mixtures. All raw materials are strictly tested, mixed and refined in the company production site in order to obtain constant high quality ingredients.

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Arachide salata

100% pure salted peanut

Bacio Bianco

White chocolate with hazelnuts pieces

Bezo Ciock

Chocolate with hazelnuts pieces

Caffè RCF

Coffee roasted and refined

Gianduja Dolce Premium

46% of hazelnut TGT, with a gentle and round note

Gran Torino

Chocolate, coffee, amaretto and rhum

Krem Rafael

White chocolate, almonds, coconut