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Premio Gelato Giovani

Premio Gelato Giovani

2nd edition

Inspire young people to dream – and go big! 

25th-26th March 2018, Turin

An exclusive event, the Premio Gelato Giovani is a national gelato contest for the students attending the latest year of High School (professional institute and cook school) from all Italian regions and aged between 17 and 21 years.

The contest aims offering young people the opportunity to match,  to put themselves out there and to learn something new, making contact with the professional world.

Fructital, as a sponsor, believed in this project as it is also important that young people receive an imprinting from the work facilities and raw materials they will use during their first experiences, and that they will build a first relationship between school and their job.  

The technical direction, entrusted to Alberto Marchetti and Alessandro Racca.
  The jury, made up of award-winning professionals such as Luca Bernardini and Gianfrancesco Cutelli and three world champions: Antonio Capuano, Carmela Moffa and Filippo Novelli.
The honorary presidency is for Alfio Tarateta, noble father of the Turin and Italian Gelato